The Mariner · Our Story

Designed by well known local mid-century architect Peter Kafka
and built by Logie Brothers Construction, The Mariner was completed in 1965. A double page article in The Lions Gate Times on February 18th that year celebrated the new apartment building’s luxurious features and it’s prime waterfront location. It invited new residents to “a quiet home by the sea” where they “may enjoy to the full the sunshine and sea breezes” on their suite wide balconies.

That is still very true today although there have been a few changes over the years.  The kitchens are still as “compact and efficient as a ship’s galley” but the “built-in General Electric appliances in pleasing colors” have long been updated.  English wall-to-wall wool carpeting however still “hushes traffic” in the lobby and the suite doors have their original brass knockers "just like house doors."

Space in the article was given to many of the trades who had been involved in The Mariner’s construction to congratulate the Logie Brothers on their “very fine” apartment building and advertise their services.  Some, like Starline Products and McLaren Electric, are still in business today.

The article made many references to The Mariner’s many nautical elements including the model frigate and the brass marine clock and barometer.  All can still be found in the lobby today overlooking the gardens and ocean.

"Come aboard...and make The Mariner your home."
The Mariner, built by Bill Logie, remains owned and managed by his family ever since its construction in 1965.  The utmost care and attention is given not only to the ongoing operation and maintenance of the building, but most importantly to the comfort and well being of its residents.